China 2015

My trip to China this time was more as a hub for the trips to Afghanistan, North Korea, and Mongolia. I hiked one day on Hua Shan, and visited the usual tourist sites, as you can see.

1. The Forbidden City. The buildings were stunning but the pollution is tragically bad. One cannot take a picture of more than a single building because of this lack of visibility.
2. An accordion store. I have always wondered where in the world they are enjoying a robust market for these wretched instruments of auditory torture.
3. A library vending machine. Brilliant.
4. The necessary trip to the Big Wall (Badaling portion), battling crowds the whole time.
5. This is what you see when entering the main building of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Crowds everywhere.
6. Yup, there they are, the Terracotta Warriors. Hard to enjoy the moment when you are getting jostled by crowds.
7. The back of the building where work continues.
8. Research and further work on the statues.
9. Hua Shan, the 1000 Foot Canyon.
10. North Peak, Hua Shan.
11. The plank walk. I did not feel the need to join the crowd and pay the 30 yuan.
12. West Peak, Hua Shan.
13. Ran into this snake on the descent of Hua Shan.

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