Trips For Kids

Trips for Kids has been taking kids on mountain bike rides for many years. Based in San Rafael, there are about 40 other chapters across the US and Canada. The idea is simple. We have a warehouse full of bikes which we maintain. Youth organizations come to us to organize a ride. TFK has a few established trails, in Tennessee Valley, China Camp, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and Point Pinole. These are trails that are challenging but relatively safe, in beautiful natural environments. We load up our vans with the appropriately sized bikes, and bring them to the trail head. The rides incorporate some environmental, nutrition and bicycle safety education. At the end of the trip we have the famous “Cookie Circle”, where we all tell the group one thing we liked, and one thing we learned from the trip. TFK was founded by Marilyn Price with the support of the folks that started the mountain biking industry in Marin County.

These pictures are a collection of the many trips I’ve done over the years. My father volunteered with TFK for a few years, and after he passed away I started volunteering. No, I don’t remember all the details on each of these pics, but there are some major themes represented. The ride starts with a safety orientation. Helmet wearing is a big issue since kids like to wear them all kind of weird ways. Trails get crowded, so there’s trail etiquette and safety, particularly with horses sharing the path. Then there’s the wildlife. Yes, all these animal pictures were taken on TFK rides. Weather and trail conditions change, so we teach kids to plan ahead and prepare for changing conditions. In all these years riding with TFK, every group and every trip is a new experience.

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