International Logistics

While teaching the transportation classes at San Francisco State, I began with a basic lecture outline. Each semester this grew into a reader, then a book. After multiple years and thousands of hours, the result was International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management. Despite its high price, the book was the number one seller on Amazon, and held that distinction for a few years. Translated editions have come out in several languages. This project got me invited to a lot of international speaking engagements.

The obvious question is, why did you leave the industry? Quite simply, the ocean shipping industry has mostly left the US to overseas. Even in this country, the jobs are in Long Beach, New Jersey and other places far from home. I am not willing to relocate. When my lecturing gig at SFSU ran out due to budget reasons that was my cue to move into a different career.

In Taiwan signing my Chinese
edition of logistics book March 2005

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