Seychelles 2015

The Seychelles is an island nation off the coast of Somalia, and the smallest nation in Africa. This was meant to be a scuba diving trip, but that didn’t last long. The diving was good, but they said it is far better during their summer seasons. After that first day of diving I went hiking, and slipped on the rocks. As you can see, the abrasions were pretty deep and prevented me from any further diving. Luckily I had brought my cross bike all the way across the globe to cycle the islands. After one good ride, the pedal sheared off, and there were not shops in this nation that could fix a high end cross bike. So on to hiking…

1. Downtown Victoria.
2. Downtown Victoria. This is the main road that heads over that hill in the background to the other side of the island.
3. Anse Major. This is a two kilometer hike from the roads end, and the site of my slip up. From this spot you can watch swarms of fruit bats in the tree tops.
4. My injury. It almost required sutures but not quite.
5. A temple in Victoria
6. The trail heading up to Trois Freres, above Victoria. The trail peters out and it would be highly unwise to continue without a guide.
7. The views from Trois Freres.
8. This building was a US government facility sold to the UAE royal family and is now their private home.
9. La Digue. Yes, it is stunning. No, you cannot avoid the crowds.
10. Another view of La Digue.
11. There were these stray dogs on the beaches. Very friendly, and surprisingly healthy.
12. The road around La Digue. It shows how the beauty of these islands was everywhere.
13. Isle Curieuse, a wildlife reserve. Yes, these are all free range “wild” tortoises.
14. That’s me bothering the local wildlife.
15. Beau Vallon, the small beach town and my home base for the trip.
16. Carniverous plants
17. The suburbs of Victoria
18. What the heck is this? They would crawl out of the ocean onto the rocks and kept getting washed back in.

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