I went to Sudan twice. Once to lay the groundwork for a research project that never came to fruition. The second time was to hang out for a month while training for the Ironman Brazil. I like to train in odd places just to kill the boredom of endless miles running and cycling. On September 11, 2001, as the Twin Towers were falling, my passport was sitting in the Sudanese embassy waiting for a visa. I was wondering how these events of 9-11 were going to affect my trip. As it turned out, the Sudanese people were extremely friendly to me.

1. A herd of camels blocking the rode on my bus ride from Khartoum to Port Sudan. Note the road was built by Osama Bin Laden.
2. There was a meeting of heads of state of eastern African countries, and these dancers were there for the occasion. Sorry, I have no idea of their background, tribe, etc.
3. Kasala, a town midway between Port Sudan and Khartoum. The police kicked me out of town for showing up without a permit (you need a permit for every town you visit).
4. The streets of Khartoum.
5. A Sudanese wedding banquet.
6. University of Khartoum.
7. The Azim Family, who treated me with warmth for which the Sudanese are famous.

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